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Landscape lighting, outdoor lighting installation & maintenance

Why limit the enjoyment of your landscape to the daylight hours? Brentwood Landscapes can bring your landscape to life at night through the effective use of landscape lighting. We specialize in designing outdoor lighting that best accentuates the landscape and architectural style of your home. There are several lighting techniques employed for a variety of reasons which add a unique flavor to the night in both commercial and residential settings.

Up lighting

Architectural and landscape elements become visually dramatic features when illuminated from below.

Down lighting

Lighting from above may illuminate an area for landscape or architectural enhancement or special effects, and for safety or security. It can also be used to create a sense of perspective.

Moon lighting

A soft, natural diffuse effect similar to moonlight created by projecting light downward, with the light passing through leaves and branches casting shadows on the ground.

Wall washing

This technique creates smooth, even illumination of selected objects, typically of walls. Brick and stone will come alive with the warm glow of lighting at night.

Pathway lighting

Light projected on a walkway from above or alongside the illuminated surface. This type of lighting can provide safety and security as well as aesthetic impact.

Step lighting

Designed with safety in mind, step lighting clearly illuminates the step area to ensure proper visibility.

Security lighting

Strategic placement of accent lighting fixtures, combined with low level illumination, provides security lighting without glare for areas of any size. This type of lighting provides ease of navigation and increases safety.

Contact Brentwood Landscapes for a complimentary assessment of your outdoor lighting goals and needs. We will be glad to tailor a lighting system to meet your specific security and safety goals while providing the most pleasing aesthetic benefits possible.

  • Annual contracts
  • Trim any shrubbery blocking light fixtures
  • Clean lenses on light fixtures
  • Replace bulbs if needed
  • Grease the light’s o-rings and gaskets if needed
  • Check & adjust timer seasonally