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Hardscaping: Rock walls, patios, fire pits, walkways, & more

hardscapes in nashville, brentwoodHardscaping projects are one of our specialties at Brentwood Landscapes. Hardscaping, which refers to anything in the landscape that is not a living plant, often serves as the backbone of any fine landscape design. Our masonry craftsmen are experts in all aspects of stone, brick, and pavers, installing unique, custom-designed hardscapes. Examples of hardscaping elements that may be designed into an overall landscape plan include:

Walls, retaining walls

Whether created out of brick, stone, or timber, walls within the landscape are commonly used to level or retain slopes and give them a more vertical character. Generally, the more restricted or congested the site, the greater the need for retaining walls to provide usable space for landscape purposes. Brentwood Landscapes specializes in dry-stack stone walls in which no mortar is visible.

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Patios, walks/walkways, driveways

A patio can turn wasted space into additional outdoor living space, or it can designate an area of your landscape for outdoor cooking, eating, sunning, reading, playing, or resting. There are various types of patio and walkway surfaces, which include: concrete, aggregate, gravel, flagstone (dry laid or mortared), and pavers. Walks/walkways lead people throughout the landscape with comfort and safety. When designing driveways, our designers are careful to include ease of access and ample room for parking. All construction practices are engineered by Brentwood Landscapes to provide structural and aesthetic integrity to the finished landscape project.

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Arbors, fences

Plants and structures have coincided for thousands of years, especially in gardens. Why not add that finishing touch to your landscape with an arbor that provides afternoon shade over your patio? Gazebos and fences can create a focal point to draw your eye to the garden, as well as adding quality of life and curb appeal to your outdoor living space. Whatever you have in mind, our experienced designers can help you accent your outdoor living areas, and make them more usable as well.

Outdoor fireplaces, grilling areas, firepits

What better way to relax than near the warm glow of a fire? Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits add peacefulness to outdoor living, giving your family and friends a beautiful place to relax. Brentwood Landscapes can design and install a fireplace made of stone or brick that will add warmth to those cool autumn nights, and further extend the use of your landscape.

Swimming pool decks, patios