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Leaf removal, leaf mulching in Brentwood, Nashville

Although the changing seasons are enjoyed by most garden enthusiasts, it is sad to see all the autumn color foliage fall from trees onto lawns. To make matters worse, it’s necessary to rake up all the fallen leaves. Lawn rakes or leaf rakes may be the most important tools in the garden during this time of year.

My father used to make me rake the leaves. Boy, have we come a long way! Have Brentwood Landscapes remove your leaves this fall. FREE ESTIMATES!

Fall will be here before you know it. Who hasn’t dragged endless bags of fallen leaves from one place to another, again and again?

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Yes, the downside to a beautiful fall is the sea of leaves covering everything on your property; sidewalks, roads, driveways and lawns. In some areas, such as woodlands and gardens, the leaves can be left alone to naturally recycle, but in others there are various reasons to remove this natural blanket.

To reduce this nagging yard work, call Brentwood Landscapes! We’ll come to the rescue when Nashville leaf removal and Brentwood leaf removal tasks seem daunting.

Why have your leaves removed? On walks, leaves become extremely slippery when wet. Piled too deeply on perennial beds, leaves can cause crown rot. Fallen leaves can serve as comfy snow suits for many fungi and insects. On lawns leaves cause problems.

Raking leaves is a strenuous task that can take its toll on the unprepared. In addition to the obvious physical demands of raking, the fall environment can be a health concern for many people. Damp leaves harbor molds that can produce allergic reactions such as headaches, runny nose, itchy swollen eyes, bronchitis and asthma. Burning leaves can complicate these problems and also contribute to air pollution.

If you really love your lawn and want your grass to look its best, you have to accept the fact that the leaf chore must be performed. But YOU don’t have to do it! Call Brentwood Landscapes to have your leaves removed in Nashville or Brentwood this fall.