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Professional Expertise
Brentwood Landscapes’ blueprint for great landscapes – creative design, quality installation and continuing maintenance – is based on years of experience and success with residential and commercial properties across Middle Tennessee. Because we believe that technical and artistic expertise is the foundation of every great landscaping project, we have assembled a design/management team whose members have earned university degrees and certificates in horticulture and landscape design.

The reason for our emphasis upon professional ability is simple: To create a landscape that thrives and remains beautiful as it matures, you must understand the plants’ horticultural needs, both at planting and as they grow. It is important to know how to properly integrate the landscape into the site with other structural elements, such as arbors and patios. It is our goal to create a visually inviting outdoor environment that will welcome guests and add value to your property.


At Your Service
Established in 1999, Brentwood Landscapes offers a comprehensive array of landscaping services, including landscape design/build, landscape irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, and water features. The company’s masonry craftsmen are experts in all aspects of stone, brick and pavers, often installing unique, custom-designed inlays, borders and patterns.

The key to creating any beautiful landscape is its initial design. Landscape design is a visual art that relies on the principles of balance, scale, variety, symmetry and repetition, which is where our designs really excel! Our landscape designers have the skills to artistically combine elements of the landscape and hardscape to best enhance the property’s primary structure, whether that’s a home, an office building, or a retail complex.

Listening To You
Client participation in the landscape design process is a cornerstone of Brentwood Landscape’s success. Before we initiate a design project, each client completes a detailed questionnaire, answering a broad range of questions, from what colors and plants they prefer to how often they entertain outdoors. We ask and then listen to you. When we present the landscape design, it’s not only what you need, but it’s also what you want.

Brentwood Landscapes also provides grounds maintenance services with professional care to take your initial investment to fruition as it matures. That, along with our warranty, creates a worry-free atmosphere for our clients. You then have the time to entertain friends or simply relax while you enjoy your beautiful new outdoor living room.

Enjoy our website,

Steve Garrett, Founder & President
Brentwood Landscapes, Inc.