Lawn mowing guidelines

Executive summary: Here Brentwood Landscapes we share lawn mowing guidelines for beautiful Brentwood lawns. Many folks seem to think mowing grass is too basic for such rules…

lawn care - mowing guidelinesWith spring quickly approaching, we wanted to inform everyone on how to mow their lawns properly.  Here at Brentwood Landscapes we regularly share a few important lawn mowing guidelines to clients and readers. Many folks seem to think that mowing grass is too simple a task to require meaningful guidelines; however, there is actually some substance to quality care for a healthy lawn.  With Brentwood Landscapes’ lawn mowing guidelines we are confident that you will be able to take the necessary steps towards a beautiful Brentwood lawn.

Rule #1: Rule of one third

Never cut off more than one third of the grass blade at any one time.  Cutting off more than a third causes too much stress on the grass.

Rule #2: Mowing frequency

Adjust the mowing schedule to take into account different growth rate periods.  In the spring, a lawn may grow two inches per week.  In the summer though, your grass could only grow an inch per week.  Mow more frequently during the period of fastest growth, and less frequently during the period of slower growth.

Rule #3: Mowing height

Piggy-backing off of rules #1 and #2, Rule #3 strictly applies to the lawn mower itself.  Make sure to adjust the height of the blades during periods of drought.  Allowing the grass to maintain a larger blade area will shade the roots and reduce3 water evaporation from the soil.  This also applies to heavily shaded areas.  Cut less off of the blade in order to allow for a larger surface area to catch the needed sunlight.

Rule #4: Switch it up

Varying the route or cutting path each time you cut.  Running the lawn mower in the exact same route each week creates ruts in the lawn and compacts the soil under the wheel tracks.  Alternating directions each week will help make your yard look that much better than your neighbors.

Rule #5: Sharpen mower blades

Keep the mower blades sharp!  When mowing blades are dull, they smash and plummet the grass blades rather than cutting them.  The resulting ragged ends will turn brown and cause the lawn to lose its green.  Rough cuts also make the grass more disease-prone.  We at Brentwood Landscapes sharpen our blades at least twice a week.

Do all this and a little more and you will have the best lawn in your neighborhood!

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