Lawn maintenance improves home security

Did you know that quality lawn care and landscape maintenance can actually improve home security? It’s true!

brentwood landscape maintenance client A landscaped and well-maintained yard may help deter a criminal from approaching your home. Burglars tend to choose homes with overgrown lawns and shrubs which indicates that your home may be vacant or that you’re not very concerned about the security of your home. The following lawn care tips will help you improve security at your home.

Keep shrubs and trees trimmed, especially near doors, windows and walkways. Also avoid shrubs and trees that block the view to your neighbors’ homes. This will give both you and your neighbors the ability to watch each other’s homes.

Keep your yard and driveway clear, never allowing newspapers to accumulate in your yard, on your driveway or near your front door. This gives the impression that you are away from your home. Keep your lawn furniture and ladders put away so a thief will not have an opportunity to use them to gain access to your home.

Keep taller trees trimmed away from your roof so that the branches cannot be used to climb onto your roof or into your second floor windows.

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