It’s almost time for spring annuals!

Time to plan for spring annuals landscaping – Nashville, Brentwood

As hard as it is to believe, it’s already time to start planning for spring annuals! With spring rapidly approaching it won’t be long before it’s time to start planting annuals. If you are looking for a professional landscaping company like Brentwood Landscapes, it is best to get your orders in now!  
flower garden by brentwood landscapesAnnuals are seasonal flowers that add color and beauty to entrance ways, walking paths, flower pots, and so on; and possibilities for spring annuals abound, limited only by the imagination of the client and our professional designers!

Tennessee’s wide range of climates means you are able to choose from a wide variety of flowers for your outdoor living area. Don’t hesitate; now is the time to contact Brentwood Landscapes, your Brentwood and Nashville landscaping and design professionals, and in turn we’ll use our network of local nurseries to obtain the spring annuals you are looking for. Large orders or projects are not a problem; in fact, they’re one of our specialties.

Spring annuals – Brentwood, Nashville garden plans for annuals

Seasonal garden plans

If you’ve ever compared your flower garden’s appearance from one season to the next, you might have found that your flower garden of annuals shines in one season but isn’t much to look at a couple of months later. Match is the time to remedy that issue starting with spring annual plans. The professionals at Brentwood Landscapes regularly create flower garden designs and have many related ideas that will make your seasonal flower garden stand out in all Brentwood and Nashville growing seasons.

We can start your garden out with a dazzling rainbow of colors this spring. We work with large gardens down to the smallest garden.

Summer garden plans

Ring in summer by using Brentwood Landscapes for another complementary variety of flower gardening ideas and designs. If your preference is for flower blooms that last beyond a season, try one of our long-flowering color garden plans. We can give you a beautiful collection of plants that will withstand the hottest days of the upcoming Nashville summer.

Some clients prefer a flower garden plan based on just a few perennials and one particular annual to add texture and color to your landscape during the summer. The best flower garden plans are those that transition naturally from spring to summer and then into fall.

Enjoy beautiful plants beyond fall

Instead of kissing your flowers goodbye this fall, give Brentwood Landscapes a chance to design season-to-season flower gardens for you in 2017. We will include perennials and other plants that shine at the height of their beauty just before winter lands.

Growing annuals

When it comes to growing annuals in yourself in your own garden you have two choices: Purchase the plants in flower at a local nursery, or start he plants from seed. If you need quick results, consider buying a few flats at your local nursery; however, if you’d prefer to spend less and aren’t in a rush, seeds are the way to go.

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