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How Brentwood Landscapes came into being

The Brentwood Landscapes story – beautiful client lawn and landscape NashvilleEveryone has a story to tell. So that you know what kind of company you’re going to establish a relationship with, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you my story, which as far as landscaping goes began when I was just a young boy. Unlike most of my friends, I loved helping Dad in the yard. I’ll never forget the thrill of cranking up his Montgomery Ward push mower. I didn’t know anything about lawn care except that I enjoyed cutting grass, which is where it all began. My family moved to Brentwood in 1976 when I was eleven. Brentwood has changed a lot since then, and so have I. Our house off Moores Lane had just been built and there wasn’t a single blade of grass on the lot. A clean slate! I suppose my dream of being a landscaper must have started to take shape at that time. For the next several years I tinkered with dad’s landscape and started making money by cutting our neighbor’s yards. To his credit my dad let me do whatever I wanted with his yard. His passion was vegetable gardening. Together we made a great team. He grew the food and I (accidentally) weed whacked it down. Honestly, eggplants look a lot like weeds to me.

Today we’re still a Team. Since our early days at Brentwood Landscapes, he has managed the books and I have run the company. I can never repay the debt I owe my dad for encouraging me to take a hobby and turn it into a career. While attending MTSU, I began in earnest the process of creating a small business and did as many jobs as I could fit into my busy schedule – by now I was married with a kid and another was on the way. The amazing thing to me now is that I had no idea what I was really creating – a life’s purpose. My life. My purpose. After having a third child and graduating with a degree in Plant & Soil Science, my work really began. One man, one truck, one trailer.

When I look back at the last 20 years I am amazed at the opportunities I have had and the people that have come into my life because of the career choice I made. Professors, clients, vendors, employees, family, and friends have enriched my life, usually by challenging me to transform myself and my company into something better. Together we’ve gone from beat-up Dodge pickups working out of my backyard to a fleet of modern landscape trucks working out of an efficient office/shop which we call Brentwood Landscapes world headquarters. This journey has taught me as much about myself as it has landscaping. What I’ve come to know the most is that I was created to do what I am doing, and it’s not really about the job – it’s about my vision.

Several years ago I was challenged to look back at everything I had done as a landscape entrepreneur and consider the “WHY” of it all…

  • Why did I really enjoy working in the yard?
  • Why did I really learn horticulture?
  • Why did I really begin a lawn and landscape business?
  • Why do I continue to work in this career and encourage all those working alongside me to do the same?

The answers came to me after much reflection. What I really like to do is encourage people. I am at my best in this world when I am helping others realize their dreams. The way I accomplish the WHY of my purpose is by creating inspiring outdoor places that, in turn, inspire other people. Hence I came up with our vision statement for the whole company: Inspiring Places ~ Inspiring People. This is what I was created to do and this is why I started Brentwood Landscapes. It’s nice realizing my life’s purpose before it’s too late. It guides all my decisions. I hope it makes Brentwood Landscapes a more focused organization and I hope that it inspires you to consider the “WHY” of your life, too.

Steve Garrett
Founder & Owner, Brentwood Landscapes, Inc.
February 2017

Inspiring Places ~ Inspiring People

To improve the quality of life for our clients and community by creating and maintaining beautiful and sustainable outdoor living areas.


  • Living, working and playing outside
  • Caring about and for our environment
  • Solving problems with tangible results
  • Growing plants and people to their potential
  • Having fun and being friendly

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